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Extra Catchy believe in taking every business globally and reaching their’s products to billions of users no matter where they are and where your business is located.

We do that by creating and designing brand of company, designing beautiful and users friendly websites for them, sharing their products to social media, search engine optimization of their website so it will beat all the big company and make our clients website results on top of search engine, creating catchy content, making the corporate presentation, developing apps to connect all of the smartphone users, developing software to make theirs work easy and efficient.

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Graphic Design

We are a one stop shop for all your designing needs. Be it Brand Logos, Brochures, Business Card, Letterhead, Banners, Hoardings etc…, simply give us a call and experience what we call as State-Of-The-Heart Graphic Designing.

Web Designing / Development

We not just love to design and develop ANY type of website, but also make use of technology that will keep you and your brand abreast of the times. After all, ‘A Great website is the only pre-requisite for victory in sight’… Isn’t it !!!

Software Development

What sets us apart from the rest is the fact that we make customised software to suit your needs and wants, all of this and much more within minimum time.

Hardware & Networking

If you thought that we are ‘pros’ in software, then, think again, because, we lend our technical expertise even in the arenas of Hardware & Networking, wherein, we undertake the repairs of computer, mobiles and tablets. Additionally, we also deal in the sales of computer parts and mobiles.

E-Commerce Website

While on one hand, we are ‘domain’ to many services, on the other hand, we offer an array of services under Web Hosting, which includes Email Hosting, XXXXXX etc…


They say that ‘A Brand is always a mirror to where you stand’. No wonder then, we walk that extra mile when it comes to the branding of your brand. We offer an array of services like Logo Designing, Web Designing, Printing etc…

Apps Development

Gone are the days when ‘Tablets’ used to mean medicines. That’s why we decided to walk with the changing times and made apps for mobile and tablets devices on androids app, or iOS (Apple apps).

Social Media Marketing

The saying ‘A man is known by the network he keeps’ has today changed to ‘A man is known by the social network he keeps’. And what better way than to trust us to make your presence felt on the social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter Whatsapp, WeChat… the list is endless.

Content Solution

We get involved from the A-Z of content solutions of our esteemed client. We revise and improvise the content till our client is not content! Need we say more!

Corporate Presentation

A famous saying goes as ‘You don’t get a second chance to create the first impression’. That really explains the reason as to why we make all your Corporate Presentation ‘Look the look’ and ‘Feel the feel’.

SEO & Advertising

Advertising it is the one of the main function of our business. We help to grow your business through effective advertisement. And our main focus is on providing Search Engine Optimization service.

Web Hosting

While on one hand, we are ‘domain’ to many services, on the other hand, we offer an array of services under Web Hosting, which includes Email Hosting, XXXXXX etc…


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Half Muffin Logo

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Infina Logo

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GFS Engineering Business Card

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Royal Portable Cabins Website

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